Our state-of-the-art facility houses everything you need to obtain & maintain functional strength and healthy habits for life.

From free weights and Ninja Warrior classes to personal training and nutritional guidance

Our team is here to make your fitness journey enjoyable while helping you every step of the way. Build muscle. Burn Fat. Elevate your mood. The benefits of activity are endless, and reaching your goals is finally possible. Step in today and see for yourself — this isn’t a normal gym, it’s an Otherworld!

Mission (is possible)

Our mission is to enable and encourage all ages and levels to overcome physical and mental obstacles in life and achieve their fitness goals. 

Re-branded to meet everyone’s needs

We listened to the community and are passionate about providing fitness and wellness needs. That’s why OTHERWORLD Fitness has something for everybody. All under one roof! Weight Training, Weight Loss, Race Training, Youth Programs, and Personal Training.

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