Otherworld (noun)
Supernatural realm of everlasting youth, beauty, health, abundance, and joy

Otherworld Fitness is the result of a passion for fitness by an incredible group of OCR[Obstacle Course Racing] enthusiasts and is the masterpiece of Visionary & CEO Tim Guinan.

It was born from the love Tim has for martial arts, competitive bodybuilding, personal training, and obstacle races. It combines everything he loves about Fitness – physical, mental and spiritual fitness, constant challenges, confidence-building, self-belief, community, camaraderie, and support!

It is a home for like-minded individuals who want to improve in the same way in a fun atmosphere that includes amazing Fitness!

You were born to be a Rockstar!

Our mission is to help you overcome physical and mental obstacles to build you up, instill confidence, and get your endorphins pumping through a killer workout. We want you to look at a physical barrier, push fear aside, and conquer it! Then take that skill to tackle any other physical or mental challenge that life throws your way.

Through our unique obstacle course equipment, we work on improving confidence and self-belief while getting in a great workout. We are a community dedicated to supporting you in all aspects of life while coaching you and making fitness fun and enjoyable.

Come in and let us welcome you into our tribe!