Founder, Visionary, & Coach

“I drank the OCR Kool-Aid in 2012, and discovered an amazing lifestyle that was challenging, fun, a bit decadent, and fun! (Yup – that was redundant!) I raced, I competed, I coached, I volunteered with many OCR venues, and actually worked with Battlefrog (RIP). Upon the unfortunate demise of a great OCR, I bought one of their full venue-sized Platinum Rigs – the same one the OCR World Championships uses! It fit in my backyard yet, being outside, it was underutilized. AND, it bothered “that” one neighbor (they just didn’t understand…).

I needed a place to put it. It wasn’t depressing, it was actually an opportunity POUNDING on my door to build my dream. A dream where so many could benefit! A gathering of like-minded individuals who have come together to create Otherworld Fitness: THE best Indoor OCR Training Facility in the Mid Atlantic! Come on in! Chug the Kool-Aid! You won’t regret it!”

Tim is a Certified Personal Trainer, Spartan SGX L-1 Certified Trainer, and a former competitive bodybuilder. He has earned a Second Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kempo Martial Arts. He was a successful competitive bodybuilder for three years. He has been in the Personal Training business since 2009.

Introduced to the world of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) in 2012, he applied his unique experience and skill set of coaching and training to this exciting venture. He trains, races and gets muddy with the best, and always strives to raise the bar and share the thrill with others. Tim has successfully competed in the last four (4) OCR World Championships, and recently qualified for his fifth consecutive appearance.

Tim enjoys doing anything that tests himself both physically and mentally! “Obstacle course training, along with participating in Battlefrog (RIP), Savage Race, Indian Mud Run, Bonefrog, Frontline, Spartan Race, GoRuck and many other OCR competitions are awesome, life-changing events. The pure joy of what is gained from obstacle course training led me to create Otherworld Fitness!”

Tim is the Visionary and one of the coaches of this exciting adventure. He loves giving back, enhancing lives through the physical and mental training, and building confidence and bodies no matter what the challenge is!

  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Strength Training
  • Body Shape Transformation/Weight Reduction
  • Nutrition
  • Team Sport Training
  • Competitor in NPC and OBC Body Building Competitions
  • Four (4) times OCR World Championship Finisher
  • NSPA Certified Personal Trainer (National Strength Professional Association)
  • Spartan SGX L-1 Certified Trainer
  • Second Degree Black Belt Okinawan Kempo Karate
  • Instructor for W.I.T.S. “College Accredited Trainer Course” at Montgomery College

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