kids and teens programs

Kids Program (Age 8-13)

This program is a blend of functional fitness, fun agility games, and obstacle challenges, which are also great for building confidence. Kids get fit while they learn to overcome mental and physical obstacles and share in esprit de corps with fellow rising ninja stars!

  • Starting date: July 15th 2019
  • When: Monday thru Thursday 8:30AM
  • Duration: 4 weeks, 50-minute classes
  • $160
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On-Ramp Obstacle Ninja Teens (Age 14-18)

To become an obstacle Ninja pro, your journey starts here. This program is a prerequisite to access the Obstacle Ninja League. You will learn obstacle techniques, movements, and how the league play functions. You will be tested in games while you get stronger to prepare yourself for the Obstacle Ninja League afterward!

  • Starting date: July 15th 2019
  • When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM
  • Duration: 4 weeks, 1h30 classes
  • $240
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