Mace Training

Maces have been used throughout history by warriors, wrestlers, and kings. Swinging around a piece of steel is both empowering and enjoyable. Our classes focus on perfecting the form of mace training then gradually adds in exercises to continually challenge you and work muscles differently than traditional weight training tactics. Check out some different benefits:Strength and Power with Less Risk – There was a time when the only way to become strong was to lift heavier weights. However there’s limitations, and in some cases increased risk with this kind of mindset. With steel mace we can take advantage of asymmetrical loading, and lever resistance. Both build massive strength in our muscles with far less risk of injury.

Core Stability- Most popular fitness programs include crunches, situps, leg raises etc. Unfortunately these motions tend to focus on building the front of the core and in some cases, cause core imbalances. Mace training requires stability from forces in all directions, and builds a strong functional core ready for anything.

Joint Health- Traditional weight training puts joints through compression to build strength, which can in some cases, closes off space in your joints and can cause pain. Mace training focuses on traction, or decompression through movement. Every Mace Swing builds safe space and improves our bodies ability to hold itself together without pain.

At Otherworld Fitness, we are all about finding unique & effective ways to workout while having fun, and making exercise different and enjoyable. Our Mace Training classes are not your normal training- they work your muscles in a way they aren’t used to, helping to create muscular strength and endurance.

Come see for yourself and check out a class! They are held Sunday mornings at 10am. Hope to see you there.