Earn a killer body with Obstacle Course Race training, practiced by some of the best athletes in the world! Each workout is designed to move your body through its entire range of motion, training your muscles in a totally different way than a typical cardio strength routine. Burn monster calories and train to go the distance while boosting your strength and endurance!

Climbing Rope: The Climbing Rope requires competitors to climb a vertical rope 15- 20’ and come down in a controlled descent. Skills required: grip, leg strength, core, upper body

Platinum Rig: The Platinum Rig requires competitors to traverse using different configurations of various grips. The rig can be configured to do so many things- ring swing training, different grips (banana, cones, balls, tee handles to mention a few of so many!), monkey bars, lache’, trapeze, cargo net and more! Skills required: grip, full body control, upper body

Tire Flips: The Tire Flip requires competitors to grip and flip various size tires. Skills required: grip, leg strength

Traverse Rope: The Traverse Rope requires competitors to traverse a suspended horizontal rope without dropping. Skills required: grip, core.